Punkspring 2015

I love listening to music and punk rock is one of my favorite genres to listen to. I also like going to live concerts or music festivals when I can. So every year, there’s this punk rock music festival that’s held in Tokyo, Kobe, and Nagoya called Punkspring. I actually went to the one in 2012 since the lineup was pretty good.

It started around 12:00 but I got there around 13:00. Here’s a quick rundown of the bands I saw and my impressions of their performance.

13:35 My First Story – Very One Ok Rock-esque imo, and apparently related to the band Another Story who played as the opening act but I didn’t get to see them. 7/10

14:30 Knock Out Monkey – Pretty good, and loud. I enjoyed listening to their performance. 8/10

15:15 SiM – They’re reggae punk it seems. Interesting mix, I think I’ve seen some like it before. 7/10

16:10 Rise Against – I started listening to their stuff in 2013 because of Rocksmith 2014 and like some of their songs. I actually thought they gave a solid performance. 7/10

17:10 Man With a Mission – Good music. I got comments in Facebook about how good they were and I have to agree. Solid 8/10

18:05 Zebrahead – Pretty good, they had a collaboration with a Man with a Mission, crude humor reminded me of Blink 182. Not a huge fan of their stuff but they did entertain. 7/10

19:05 Fear, Loathing in Las Vegas – Weird band for me because of use of vocalization software. Could not get into their music, just not my thing. 4/10

20:00 Rancid – Plain good, despite me not being a big fan. This is what punk rock should sound like to me. 9/10

21:15 Fall Out Boy – I love this band, and I really like the way Patrick Stump sings. I knew all the songs they played and sang along to them. They even played “Immortals” from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6”. 10/10

I left around 22:00 because I was worried about making it back home on time while avoiding crowds. I probably won’t be going to another concert anytime soon because I want to save money but I’m glad I went to Punkspring this year.

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