Whopper Fools

So it’s April Fools’ today, and I’m kind of surprised Japan actually participates in this event. I’ve read about a few today including one from Capcom about an Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) game with a dog as the protagonist, something I’d actually want to play.

But I’m also surprised that Burger King Japan had something that should be an April Fools’ joke but actually isn’t. They had a campaign where they sold Burger King perfume only on this day but they also had this one where you could buy a card and eat a Whopper meal a day from April 1 to 30 for 5000 yen. I actually went to my nearest Buger King and got one around 4PM and found that there weren’t much people.  Thought it was worth it since I actually like Whoppers, so I could see myself going at least 6 times this month to make up for the cost.

Waiting for my Whopper meal, which didn't take too long.
Waiting for my Whopper meal, which didn’t take too long.

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