2017 New Year’s Resolutions and Where to Find Them

Another year has passed and I consider it one of the hardest I had to go through in my lifetime. Quite a few things happened and despite it not being all bad, it still was a rough trek.

I’d rather not call them “resolutions”, but instead I will refer to them as “tasks” because that is what I’m used to and when I call it that, it usually (but not always) gets done.

In order of priority:

Get a full-time job or something stable

I actually work as an assistant language teacher as my main job and work part-time on weekday evenings but I would like to someday (this year) just have one job, where I don’t have to worry about income.

One thing that I have is noticed is that I have gotten better in teaching and have more confidence in teaching, I also feel I’ve learned and honed techniques that I could possibly use in other professions/jobs such as speaking in front of people, giving presentations and working with a computer. Of course, as long as the job I find is stable, I could still continue teaching.

Even if I say I want to get a new job, I actually enjoy what I do in my current job, the people I work with are really easy to get along with and I have had no problems in the workplace. The students are some of the smartest I have taught and most of them have very interesting personalities.

Well finding a full-time job has been a difficult task, I’ve been joining career fairs and sending resumes here and there since last year. I even managed to get a few interviews, which I am thankful for but feel bad since I didn’t manage to pass them. Only thing I can think of at the moment is push forward and step up my game. Maximum Effort!

Improve my Japanese even more

My Japanese has definitely improved since I first got here in 2010 but the goal is to be able to speak legit business level Japanese, so that I can use it in my (future) full-time job, personal satisfaction, so I can fit in more, and communicate with my wife better.

Most of my Japanese learning has been from my wife, JLPT books, Japanese TV, daily life interactions and listening to other Japanese people speak. While these things have helped tremendously, I still feel I’m not at the level I should be. Learning a language is a continuous process so I’ll be steadily improving my Japanese throughout the year.

Be more organized

I’ve slowly made different systems for organizing things like clothes, files, data, cables, the refrigerator, trash and various other things thanks to the internet, books, and experience. I’ve always wanted to be an organized person, someone who knows exactly what to do, knows where to get things, keeps things in order, and isn’t a mess. Again, even though I feel I’m more organized than I was before, there’s still things to improve, systems to refine and habits to change.

The other things…
There’s actually quite a few more tasks I want to get done this year such as playing the guitar more, finishing more video games, exercise more, eat healthy and some others but these are of less priority or things that I have some control over. Writing about them would just make this longer that it should. Anyway, 2017, here we go!

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