Coming home

I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming today and enjoyed it. I loved how they were able to connect it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Story-wise, this is another reboot of Spider-Man, with a new actor set in a new universe. I’m glad it’s not another origin story because it’s honestly unnecessary at this point since almost everyone knows how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. 

It’s also nice that they introduced a new villain, The Vulture, portrayed by Michael Keaton, who played Batman in the Tim Burton movies, and also starred in Birdman, whom I thought was a great casting choice. Oh and Tom Holland is pretty likeable as Spider-Man. I already liked his appearance in Civil War so I’m glad this movie made me like his version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man even more. It was nice seeing him learn how to use his gifts and getting used to them while learning about power and responsibility (sorry). I also liked how Tony Stark/Iron-Man acted like a mentor to Peter/Spider-Man.

I had mixed feelings when I watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 despite being pretty hyped but Homecoming was a spectacular experience from start to finish and I look forward to future MCU Spider-Man movies.

Rating: 9/10

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