Punkspring 2015

I love listening to music and punk rock is one of my favorite genres to listen to. I also like going to live concerts or music festivals when I can. So every year, there’s this punk rock music festival that’s held in Tokyo, Kobe, and Nagoya called Punkspring. I actually went to the one in 2012 since the lineup was pretty good.

It started around 12:00 but I got there around 13:00. Here’s a quick rundown of the bands I saw and my impressions of their performance.

13:35 My First Story – Very One Ok Rock-esque imo, and apparently related to the band Another Story who played as the opening act but I didn’t get to see them. 7/10

14:30 Knock Out Monkey – Pretty good, and loud. I enjoyed listening to their performance. 8/10

15:15 SiM – They’re reggae punk it seems. Interesting mix, I think I’ve seen some like it before. 7/10

16:10 Rise Against – I started listening to their stuff in 2013 because of Rocksmith 2014 and like some of their songs. I actually thought they gave a solid performance. 7/10

17:10 Man With a Mission – Good music. I got comments in Facebook about how good they were and I have to agree. Solid 8/10

18:05 Zebrahead – Pretty good, they had a collaboration with a Man with a Mission, crude humor reminded me of Blink 182. Not a huge fan of their stuff but they did entertain. 7/10

19:05 Fear, Loathing in Las Vegas – Weird band for me because of use of vocalization software. Could not get into their music, just not my thing. 4/10

20:00 Rancid – Plain good, despite me not being a big fan. This is what punk rock should sound like to me. 9/10

21:15 Fall Out Boy – I love this band, and I really like the way Patrick Stump sings. I knew all the songs they played and sang along to them. They even played “Immortals” from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6”. 10/10

I left around 22:00 because I was worried about making it back home on time while avoiding crowds. I probably won’t be going to another concert anytime soon because I want to save money but I’m glad I went to Punkspring this year.

Osaka Haziketemazare 2011

I got invited to this festival by an awesome friend. I actually had no idea what to expect, but I had a blast! So basically, you just go to different places around the festival site where different bands perform. I think there were 37 bands and it started from 13:00 and and ended around 22:00. I was able to see 7 bands total, all chosen by my friend since I didn’t really know any of them.

I also got my first concert shirt, which on the back has all the bands that performed in the festival.

The chosen bands that I watched during the festival were:
Egg Brain
Wasn’t expecting much but, I really liked the sound of this band. When I got home, they were the first band I started listening to.
Sunset Bus
I thought reggae for some reason when I was listening to their songs. Vocalist had an interesting haircut…
Pop Disaster
This band was not bad and I also ended up listening to their albums. Bassist was really cute.
Breath of fresh air, since the vocalist is female (and cute). I liked their music, and the guitarist (and his guitar) was really aweseome too. Sad thing about one of the members leaving though..Currently listening to their album as I’m typing this.
The Cherry Coke$
First thing I noticed was the variety of instruments they had like an accordion, trumpet and a sax. Really unique sounding music.
Stompin’ Bird
Cool band, guitarist had cool hairstyle where one side was green.
Sadly, can’t remember much from this bad. I was probably feeling tired. I don’t think they were bad though. Will check them out again to refresh my memory.
When I first heard this band, I could immediately tell how experienced they were. They were, after all, the leading band in this event. Just awesome and a really great way to end the night.

One thing that surprised me, that I didn’t initially know, is that Japanese punk is usually sung in English. Well, I actually couldn’t understand all of it most of the time but it was really good sounding music. Going to this event, pushed me even more to start practicing the electric guitar again.

She is the One

This is the One
Utada - This is the One L.A. tour

Utada Hikaru, also known to most of her fans as Hikki. I usually just call her Utada though. Anyway, I went to one of her performances in L.A. I was really excited to see her, I literally bought tickets a few minutes after the online ticket booths were open around November. Just as I thought, the tickets sold out a few weeks later way before the actual date of the event.

So it happened at Sunset Blvd, Hollywood which was pretty far from my place, so I had to drive there. I printed out directions and headed hours before the event to make sure I would get there on time. I got there around 4PM, they let people in at 7PM so I had to wait outside for a bit, which wasn’t actually too bad I actually got to hear her rehearsing. Oh yeah, that day was also the first time I ever had to use valet parking. Even when I got in, we had to wait again, because Utada came out to the stage at around 9PM. The wait was worth it, I’m not sure what feeling I had when I first heard her, but I think it was bliss. She sang around 20+ songs, all of which I recognized except for one. What made that day cooler for me, was that I was able to see her on her birthday, so we sang the happy birthday song to her in between one of her songs. Also, there was an encore, first time I ever saw one of those, I really thought she wouldn’t come out for one, and she sang  arguably one of my favorite songs from her, “Simple and Clean” along with one of the new single she’s promoting called  “Dirty Desire”.

That day was one of the happiest days of my life, I dunno, I just love seeing and hearing her sing. I still need to attend another one of her concerts as my next goal is to get a picture with her and her autograph. ^_^