Whopper Fools

So it’s April Fools’ today, and I’m kind of surprised Japan actually participates in this event. I’ve read about a few today including one from Capcom about an Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) game with a dog as the protagonist, something I’d actually want to play.

But I’m also surprised that Burger King Japan had something that should be an April Fools’ joke but actually isn’t. They had a campaign where they sold Burger King perfume only on this day but they also had this one where you could buy a card and eat a Whopper meal a day from April 1 to 30 for 5000 yen. I actually went to my nearest Buger King and got one around 4PM and found that there weren’t much people.  Thought it was worth it since I actually like Whoppers, so I could see myself going at least 6 times this month to make up for the cost.

Waiting for my Whopper meal, which didn't take too long.
Waiting for my Whopper meal, which didn’t take too long.

Okinawa Tacos

The building you see on the left is the hotel we stayed at.


Okinawa has been one of the places I wanted to go in Japan and I finally was given the chance to this year. It was really worth it too. The views were really nice, the image I had in my head of Okinawa totally matched what I saw in person.

Thanks to a nicely laid out itinerary I was able to:

eat Okinawa Soba
Osaka Churaumi Aquarium
see the 甚平鮫 (whale shark) at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
hang out at a beautiful beach
eat taco rice, Okinawan cuisine, which has been added to one of my favorite foods
eat taco rice, Okinawan cuisine, which has been added to one of my favorite foods

and a bunch of other things all in a span of 3 days (May 9 to 11). I would definitely consider coming back here in the future.


Today, we celebrated 2 of my co-worker’s birthdays. Both of their birthdays are on the 23rd but it was decided to celebrate on this day.

So, for the celebration, we had Yakiniku at a place called 牛角(Gyukaku). I think this is would be the first time I’ve been to a Yakiniku restaurant, yes, I honestly can’t remember if I’ve been to one before. It was all you can eat, so I ate as much as I could, which included a variety of meat and vegetables.

Raw meat to 焼く
Grilling the meat, it feels like forever to cook if you eat on an empty stomach like I did…











Look at my masterpiece!
I think this was called Gyukaku ice cream or something








Update 2012/01/16:
I actually found another branch of this restaurant near my area.

After that, we went to a karaoke place nearby, well not all of us, some of us had to leave early. It’s called Joysound and they’re all around my area. I think they’re song library is larger than Big Echo’s, which is the one nearest my place.
I’m not exactly good at singing but I enjoy karaoke. I usually sing songs from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and other similar songs. I feel like I should be singing more Japanese songs though…