Punkspring 2015

I love listening to music and punk rock is one of my favorite genres to listen to. I also like going to live concerts or music festivals when I can. So every year, there’s this punk rock music festival that’s held in Tokyo, Kobe, and Nagoya called Punkspring. I actually went to the one in 2012 since the lineup was pretty good.

It started around 12:00 but I got there around 13:00. Here’s a quick rundown of the bands I saw and my impressions of their performance.

13:35 My First Story – Very One Ok Rock-esque imo, and apparently related to the band Another Story who played as the opening act but I didn’t get to see them. 7/10

14:30 Knock Out Monkey – Pretty good, and loud. I enjoyed listening to their performance. 8/10

15:15 SiM – They’re reggae punk it seems. Interesting mix, I think I’ve seen some like it before. 7/10

16:10 Rise Against – I started listening to their stuff in 2013 because of Rocksmith 2014 and like some of their songs. I actually thought they gave a solid performance. 7/10

17:10 Man With a Mission – Good music. I got comments in Facebook about how good they were and I have to agree. Solid 8/10

18:05 Zebrahead – Pretty good, they had a collaboration with a Man with a Mission, crude humor reminded me of Blink 182. Not a huge fan of their stuff but they did entertain. 7/10

19:05 Fear, Loathing in Las Vegas – Weird band for me because of use of vocalization software. Could not get into their music, just not my thing. 4/10

20:00 Rancid – Plain good, despite me not being a big fan. This is what punk rock should sound like to me. 9/10

21:15 Fall Out Boy – I love this band, and I really like the way Patrick Stump sings. I knew all the songs they played and sang along to them. They even played “Immortals” from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6”. 10/10

I left around 22:00 because I was worried about making it back home on time while avoiding crowds. I probably won’t be going to another concert anytime soon because I want to save money but I’m glad I went to Punkspring this year.

Studio tacos

So I met an online friend today in person to practice guitar at a Studio. This will actually be the first time I’ve ever been to one. I woke up, or rather I stayed up til 7 to meet with him at 8AM. He kindly booked the studio room the previous day. I recommended the room to him which was smaller than I expected. I feel bad again for not taking any pictures.

Anyway, when we got to the room, we set up our equipment. I forgot to bring my other guitar cable, so I had to rent one for a 100 yen (waste of money, but oh well). We practiced various songs, ok maybe he did, I mostly just stared because he was actually pretty good. Today, I realized two things, that I need to practice even more, and that playing with another person, guitar with a bass, is actually pretty hard for me.

After practice, I decided to head to Osu (大須) with my new friend to buy a case for my effector, prior to that, I carried it in a backpack, which I felt was pretty dangerous since part of it was sticking out.

Even though I’ve been to Osu so many times, I really still don’t know my way around. Like there’s this Mexican restaurant I pass by quite a lot, but it took me a while to find it. It’s been a while since I’ve had Mexian food, but now that I think about it although I could’ve sworn that the menu said tacos, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I was eating a burrito.

So after a little more walking, my friend and I parted ways and I went back to my routine of heading to work.


After an epiphany, I told myself “I need a hobby”, or rather “I need to actually do the hobbies I have”, if that makes any sense.

So I tried to think what I could possibly focus on, and thought that I should get into music again. My second choice, was video games but I felt that would get me nowhere. I actually tried to get into that again after a long break of like over 6 months and got bored within a few minutes. I still do enjoy reading about the video game industry.

To get back into music, would mean having an instrument, which as of now, I have an acoustic guitar which I received from my Japanese teachers while studying in Yamasa. After a rather disappointing event in my life, I decided to pick it up again. But when I was in college, I always wanted to be in a rock band. One of the reasons why, I ended up not doing so, was my addiction to video games. So actually, my only experience in ever being in a band was by playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think now is the best time to try to pursue that dream again so using some (well, a lot) of my savings I bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio.

So why a Gibson Les Paul? It actually goes back to video games. You see, Guitar Hero III, came with a Gibson Les Paul as it’s music peripheral and when playing music games, I preferred it to the other guitar controllers I owned. So that’s how I chose the model/style, the next part was choosing the class. I chose a studio, simply because it was the model I could afford. Then, next the color, I know I wanted it black, but couldn’t decide if I wanted all black or something with black in it. I ended up choosing the Fireburst finish because uh, it matched one of my favorite shirts. The other reason is kinda hard to explain but has to do with my personality.

Well, when I finally got my hands on it, needless to say, I felt happy, you know that feeling when you get a new video game (replace video game with something else if you can’t relate). Well it felt like that times 10. But, as some of you may know an electric guitar alone is not enough to make the sound you want. So next, is to get an amp and some pedals, which I still have yet to decide on which models I’m getting in. I still need to do more research.

So, I hope to be rocking in the year 2012. Yep, that’s the dream.