Tokyo Disney Land and Sea


I finally got to go to both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. I was looking forward to going since I booked the hotel in March of this year. I went there with my girlfriend and came back with my fiancee, so it was quite magical for me.

I enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland more than Disney Sea but both were worth going to. As long as you plan like we did, you can get to most of the rides you want. Both days were quite tiring, with all the walking (and running sometimes) and standing in line. Speaking of lines, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, well except maybe Disney Sea’s Toy Story Mania Fast Pass line, that was unbelievable! It was really like it said online, you really have to line up early and basically run to the line or else you won’t be able to get a Fast Pass. Well, we were able to get a Fast Pass but it was at a late time, so we wouldn’t be able to make it back home on time if we rode, so we…passed (sorry, had to).

We stayed at the Sunroute Plaza Hotel, which I thought was a good deal compared to the other Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels, although next time I aim to stay at one of the Hotels within the resort like Hotel Miracosta.

Well, my favorite part of this trip was winning seats via lottery to the Once Upon a Time show at Tokyo Disneyland, and pretty good seats at that! The show itself was worth it, which was basically a mapping of different Disney movies on to the castle, but since we were up close you could feel the flames coming out the sides of the castle.

All in all, a very fun weekend spent! Looking forward to next Disney theme park adventures.

Okinawa Tacos

The building you see on the left is the hotel we stayed at.


Okinawa has been one of the places I wanted to go in Japan and I finally was given the chance to this year. It was really worth it too. The views were really nice, the image I had in my head of Okinawa totally matched what I saw in person.

Thanks to a nicely laid out itinerary I was able to:

eat Okinawa Soba
Osaka Churaumi Aquarium
see the 甚平鮫 (whale shark) at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
hang out at a beautiful beach
eat taco rice, Okinawan cuisine, which has been added to one of my favorite foods
eat taco rice, Okinawan cuisine, which has been added to one of my favorite foods

and a bunch of other things all in a span of 3 days (May 9 to 11). I would definitely consider coming back here in the future.

P.S. (Perth.Soundwave)

View from the cruise in Perth
View from the cruise in Perth

From March 2-7, I was in Perth, Australia. It’s been a while since I traveled to another country. The most recent being when I went to Macau I think. I don’t count the trips to the Philippines, because I don’t think that counts as travelling since all I really do there is laze around at home.

Anyway, my main purpose of this trip was to go to the Soundwave Festival. It’s apparently held in different parts of Australia every year. I chose Perth’s Soundwave because those were the only tickets available when I ordered them last year. Everything else was sold out. Then bands I wanted to see the most are (in order) A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and DragonForce. But after watching the whole event, I concluded that Linkin Park had the best show, I was so happy to see and hear them live. I knew all the songs they played. I was disappointed that APC did not play 3 LIbras or Judith. I do wonder if they played it in the other venues.

A Perfect Circle, so awesome to hear live!

Since I had extra days in Perth, they were spent in sight seeing and take pictures. I was also able to meet one of my old classmates I studied Japanese with who currently lives there. My favorite parts were beer and wine testing, feeding kangaroos, seeing the view from Kings Park and going on a cruise(which is kinda bittersweet, because I had hoped I would end up doing this with someone I like, but oh well).

My favorite one was the White Rabbit Dark Ale (top right)
My favorite one was the White Rabbit Dark Ale. (top right)

Going on this trip, made me want to travel to even more countries. I hope to go to Korea and Taiwan next.