Finally got my new iPhone 4S…last week

I decided to post about it just now, since I feel a lot better than before. Yes, I was sick for around a week and couldn’t do much.

A lot has happened recently, both good and bad, one good thing being that I got my iPhone 4S! So I pre-ordered my iPhone 4S on October 17th and then I got a call on the 29th at around 14:00. I quickly rushed to my nearby Softbank, to pick it up. I was so excited that even though I had work that day, I chose to sync my settings before heading to work, which took roughly an hour. Everything synced properly and I made it to work on time, so that’s good.

About the iPhone itself, I really like it overall, the speed, the sharp screen and being able to use all of the new features of iOS5. Siri is nice too, but I haven’t been able to use it consistently. I guess the one thing I didn’t like is the form factor, I like holding my 3GS more. One thing I did, was buy a silicon case, just so that I can grasp it more firmly. I always felt that without it, the phone would just slip through my fingers.

My iPhone is one of the things I can’t live without, ok so realistically I could but, it’s helped me a lot to keep organized and of course communicate with other people.

Didn’t know there was an app for this too…

I’m talking about the WordPress app for iOS. Ok, so I kinda knew about its existence, but didn’t think I’d be able to use it regularly. So, i just installed the app and hoping I can put out more frequent posts.

Typing is obviously slower but since there’s geotagging I could probably blog use this app from different places to mark where I’ve been to although I haven’t been going anywhere far from here recently. It also seems pretty straightforward, if you just wanna make simple posts and add some pics or video.

Pressed from my iPad

Just moved

So I decided to move my blog to my main domain(website), it used to be at now its just, since I figured it would be easier to access to just go directly to the site, instead having to click a link from another page. Looks like everything transferred ok. Also added a bunch of widgets to my blog/site. Such as the twitter widget, which you should see on the sidebar. I just started twitter a week ago, so I’m still getting used to it. But you’re free to follow me if you want, and if I find you interesting I may follow you as well.

So for my next tasks for this site is to probably add some links to the other social networking sites I’m a member of such as facebook and google+. I also haven’t used tags much in my posts, so I’ll work on that too. Then I’ll try to post more often this time, well posts that matter anyway. Ok, so long posts will go on the blog and short stuff will go on twitter.

Curry Cuts


I attempted to make curry today, what you see above is how it turned out. I rate it a 6/10.

The ingredients I used were:

Olive Oil





Spices: Curry Powder, Cayenne Powder, Cumin Seeds, Cumin Powder and Turmeric

Chicken Stock

Coconut Milk

This was my second attempt at making curry, although this turned out better than my first attempt it still wasn’t as good as I wanted. I think my mistakes were using too much oil and chicken stock and I think I shouldn’t have added cayenne powder. Cooking this took around 3 hours total

Well, I’ll try again sometime in the following weeks and aim to make it as perfect as possible.