Riverside fireworks

The Yodogawa fireworks display. (Disclaimer: I just took a pic of the TV screen.)
The Yodogawa fireworks festival is one of the largest fireworks festivals in Osaka. This year it was held on August 5th.

Funny story, I actually wanted to go see the fireworks back in 2014 so I bought (rather expensive) tickets for good seats near the river to go with my then-girlfriend-now wife, but because of a heavy rain forecast, it was cancelled. I was luckily able to get a refund. I then learned that it was possible to see the fireworks from my in-laws’ house’s veranda. It wasn’t the best view, but it was decent enough. So since then, we just watch the fireworks from there. The fireworks display is actually broadcast on TV as well so what we actually do is watch the fireworks and then sometimes glance at the TV to see the fireworks clearer albeit with a slight delay. I personally think it’s a great experience because I don’t have to deal with crowds and it’s FREE! The fireworks themeselves are pretty to look at with some nice designs and colors and it lasts for around an hour or so. 

I’ve talked with friends that have actually went out and gotten good seats and said it was worth it so I may try going again in the future and if you’re reading this and you like fireworks and/or rivers you should check it out too.